Archived Updates

+ April 30, 2008
Some new contest entries, and the contest is closed, thanks everyone for your entries! Also some new dolls.

+ March 8, 2008
New dolls. Well, I just noticed that there are 999 page views! If you happen to get the 1000th view, take a screenshot and let me know!(email is in the info section) ^ ^

+ February 4, 2008
Wow! It sure has been awhile since I last updated! No new entries for the contest, but some new dolls and a base. I also moved the tagboard from the splash page to right below 'Links'.

+ December 21 2007
Okay, new dolls, gifts, and such. The Christmas gift is for anyone to adopt if wanted. Click on the images below to see where the go, and to see other dolls by me ore other people.

I am working on a character bio page for all my characters. When it is up it will be in the 'other' section.

I also completely forgot to put that I got another entry, from RFD. My contest is still open, and I would greatly appreciate people entering!

And thank you all that commented on my tagboard!

+ November 14, 2007
Some new dolls, along with an entry by Chelsea!

+ October 22, 2007
Thanks, Jillianne, for the entry to my contest! I'll probably extend or something if I don't get very many more. xD Also, I made a new doll, which is a gift for Tashi's birthday, and received an award.

+ October 13, 2007
Its my birthday! And I moved servers. Thank you, blue! Also, I moved because: see.

+ October 7, 3007
A new doll for a palette contest over at Pixel Stix.

+ October 6, 2007
Sorry that I haven't been updating much, but I added lots of new stuff. Dolls, a few new awards, and as you undoubtedly noticed, a new layout. Also, I added a brand new contest!

+ August 8, 2007
New doll, its of me!

+ July 30, 2007
I haven't updated in a while, so I though I should. New links, dolls, and a gift!

+ 5/18/07
Long time no see! I added a whole bunch of new dolls!

+ 4/23/07
Well, a whole bunch of stuff today! I added stuff all around the site, well pretty much.

+ 3/31/2007
Another doll of Anastasia and a pixel of her.

+ 3/24/07
It's up! And a new doll, inspired by a betta fish, and for a contest sort of thing on EE.

+ 3/16/07
Well, I was planning to make a new layout, and since my host's server went kaboom, I have an excuse; since I lost most of the stuff.
So, new layout, dolls, I remaked my Wisp base, and everything is edited and different, hopefully better.
Oh, and also, I think that I my 1st dolling anniversary was on Febuary 11. (yay!)

(Anything inbetween 3/16/07 and 9/07/06 was lost.)

+ 9/07/06
Three new dolls.

+ 9/01/06
Contest is now closed and voting! Please vote!

+ 8/28/06
And another entry!

+ 8/27/06
Another entry!

+ 8/26/06
One more entry! I have ten entries now, so I will wait ONE more week if anyone else would like to enter!

+ 8/24/06
4 new dolls!

+ 8/18/06
Two more entries!

+ 8/14/06
4 new dolls and a contest entry! Only 3 to go!

+ 8/14/06
Long time no see. Kinda. Two new dolls and a pixel.

+ 8/07/06
*Edit2* New contest entry. Thanks Mary!
*Edit1* I put up some more stuff: link exchange and adoptions
New award! And I added a award that I forgot to put up.

+ 8/03/06
Another pixel room!

+ 8/02/06
Two more dolls! And if you go in the pixels section you will find an amazing pixel there!

+ 7/29/06
More dolls, and some pixels which I didn't put below.

+ 7/28/06
Another entry! Keep them coming!

+ 7/27/06
A new av and sig! They are also my new muse. No name yet.

+ 7/26/06
Two new dolls and I added a new section in Pixels.

+ 7/25/06
Another contest entry! And I added some new adoptions from Dame Blanche!

+ 7/24/06
New doll. I tried a different style of shading. I really like the hair.

+ 7/23/06
Some new pixels, and dolls. The princess one is or a contest at Pixel Potpourri, and the other one was for a challenge at Fairytopia where you had to follow a tut.

+ 7/21/06
Wow... I have had a little more than 900 visitors! If you noticed that it jumped from 300 to 900 your correct, because I have been moving my visitors count to another counter every 20 visitors or so. And so I decided that today I move them all back.

+ 7/18/06
I added the rest of the body for my Wisp base! And I added another doll so that I could test out my base!

+ 7/17/06
New layout! And doll.

+ 7/16/06
I am probably not going to update for a couple days.

+ 7/12/06
I became Miss Fairytopia #2 at Fairytopia! You can go look at my award in the events section.

+ 7/12/06
Another contest entry!

+ 7/07/06
Three more dolls!

+ 7/03/06
Two more dolls. and I added some more doll sections.

+ 6/28/06
I have received another contest entry!

+ 6/27/06
I started a contest yesterday, but I forgot to post it in the news. And I have one entry!

+ 6/23/06
Another new doll! I am entering her in the Miss Fairytopia Contest at Fairytopia.

+ 6/11/06
Added another doll, which I am entering in the base contest at Aliplushie! And put up a gallery section, where all the dolls there are not adoptable.

+ 6/11/06
Two new dolls! A mermaid a and really cute one!

+ 6/04/06
Four new dolls, and a new pixel! More to come soon.

+ 5/19/06
New layout and new dolls!

+ 5/14/06
New dolls! And happy Mother's Day to all you mothers!

+ 4/20/06
New doll!

+ 4/15/06
Here is a gift for everyone!

+ 4/10/06
New dolls and new layout!

+ 4/03/06
I am going to be putting in a new layout soon. I will be updating more then.