About Me

+ Name: Abigail
+ Alias, aka: Hazel, Hazellyn
+ D.o.B.: October 13, 1900-2000
+ Contact: amshazel[AT]hotmail[DOT]com, just incase someone needs to contact me.
+ Bio:
Well, I started dolling about a little more than a year ago. I'm usally quiet at home, and am always at home. I got started in dolling probably by going to Neopets, where I found Marapets, where I saw some of the dolls from the TDP's dollmakers, where I found Angychan's doll site; and then made my first doll.

About the Site

+ Date Started: Around Feburary or March of 2006
+ Alias, aka: None. This site was always known as DollFever.
+ Bio:
I don't really remember why I started DollFever, probably because I wanted to have 'my own' webpage. It started out with mostly dollmakers for preps and bonitas, and a few of my own handrawn dolls. I first had my site hosted on freewebs for most of the year, and then moved to here.

Dolls & Pixels
+ Link back if you adopt any please.
+ Don't frankendoll my dolls.

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+ Don't copy or frankendoll them.
+ You may edit them.

+ Please respect my terms, and please don't flame or say rude things on the tagboard.

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+ Layout base is by wish04.
+ Layout Character is copyright mine.
+ Everything on this site is made by me unless otherwise stated.